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Title: Free Membership
Post by: Sara on January 18, 2018, 01:34:46 PM
Knowledge Organisers is a community of teachers sharing materials.
FREE Membership (
Lets you download ALL the resources FREE.

Just log in ( and start downloading!

When you download something, this uses up 1 of your credits.
Every time you add a comment or reply to a post you RECEIVE CREDITS.
Check your Credit Total (

Upload Credits

Upload a file & receive 10 Credits
This helps others, & gives YOU credits for downloads.
You RECEIVE the Credits when you upload a Knowledge Organiser like this (
Every time someone downloads YOUR file, YOU receive the Credits they are expending.

Comment Credits

Comment on a download or a post and get Credits
Commenting on a download gives you 1 credit
Replying to a post gives you 2 credits
Starting a new topic gives you 2 credits

Claim Credits

Files that have been published for free use on public Dropboxes or Google Drive, or TES Free Resources, get shared, often without any specific licensing agreement and may have been uploaded to Knowledge Organisers. Often there is no way of knowing who created that file.
Creative Commons License Information (
If a file you have created is already on Knowledge Organisers and is unattributed, please go to that file and add the comment "Created by "yourusername". This will then give you the Credits for the upload. Thank you for sharing your work. We do not allow upload of copyrighted material.