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Author Topic: Advance Organisers - Do You Use Them in Your Knowledge Organisers?  (Read 526 times)

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@olicav Oliver Caviglioli on Twitter says.

"I'd like to see Knowledge Organiser designers consider having a stand-first sentence at the top to give meaning to the details that sit below. I guess it would be a type of 'expository advance organiser' (see David Ausubel)"


An advance organiser is information presented by an instructor that helps the student organise new incoming information. This is achieved by directing attention to what is important in the coming material, highlighting relationships, and providing a reminder about relevant prior knowledge.

Advance organisers make it easier to learn new material of a complex or otherwise difficult nature, provided the following two conditions are met:

1. The student must process and understand the information presented in the organiser—this increases the effectiveness of the organiser itself.
2. The organiser must indicate the relations among the basic concepts and terms that will be used.

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Have YOU tried to add an Advance Organiser to any of your Knowledge Organisers?


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