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Want to Share Ideas?

Other members want to share ideas.
Find Members Wanting a Buddy
Tick the box, and type "yes" in the search box.

Click on the member's name on the memberlist. You can search memberlist to find someone.
Then click on [Add to Buddy List] as shown in this image.

The person will get a message asking if they want to buddy up with you. They can accept this or reject it. If they accept it, when you go to your buddypage you will see your buddies.

Controlling Who Is Your Buddy
You can edit who is buddies with you here. Just delete anyone you no longer wish to be buddies with. In the same area you can block someone if they are sending you personal messages that you don't want to receive.

Being buddies with someone makes it easier to communicate with personal messages. In this way it is easier to share ideas with another member via pm. You can also see when your buddies are online.

Let Others Know You Want a Buddy
If you want to let other members know that you are looking for a buddy, go to your Forum Profile and scroll to the bottom where you can indicate if you would like a buddy. Like in this image below.

Already have buddies? Click on the Buddy Page in the left hand menu to see them.


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