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Aspectek Dog Silencer ALL in one Animal Pets repeller & dog bark teaching at sonic bark controller

£63.99 £21.99

Improved and upgraded version of the famous Ultrasonic Pest Repeller with a specially designed Bark Stop feature to train away nuisance barking. This device is the right one if you have a problem with a barking dog!
EFFECTIVE: with a coverage range up to 5,000 Square Feet, Infrared Motion Sensor (Adjustable), Night Time Scanner Technology you can repel ALL pests & animals; Rats, Mice, Birds, Squirrels, Raccoons, Rabbit, Deer, Skunk, Geese, Ducks, Seagulls and MORE!
USE IT ANYWHERE: 33-foot extension cord, the Yard Sentinel is suitable for Indoor / Outdoor; Weather Resistant; Tight Seal Water Proof Plastic Cover; Maintenance FREE; No poison or chemicals added; Easy To Mount Anywhere, Yard, Garden, Balcony, Rooftops, Garage, Basement, Campsites

AUKWING Magnetic Uppercase and lowercase letters and Number Spelling Preschool Educational Phonics Alphabet Sticker Teaching Aid for Kids Bottled 80 PCS


Alphabet cognition:teach babies to recognize letters,numbers and math symbols,let you baby learn some simple words and maths
The educational toys magnetic letters can help kids to practice their spelling skills and build their word skills.It can helps your child to increase their confidence and inspires their creativity
Educational Toys Magnetic alphabet magnets are made of hard plastic letters,it’s Environmental, Non-toxic and Absolutely Safe Toy for Your Kids

BTSKY Crystal Optical Glass Triangular Prism for Physics Teaching Light Spectrum Sunlight Reflect Best Optical Spectrum Glass for Photography


You can use this prism for photography to clear of any distracting haze.Its not acrylic and it comes in a silk lined box to keep it nice and safe when not in use. You’d be surprised at just how handy a prism will be when you’re photographing various scenes. The way a prism bends light can have some amazingly stunning effects on your shots.
When you take a new photo, it will be wonderful to add a bit of flare to your photography. You really need to get a feel for it so you can see what you like best , it is really so much fun to play with!
Prism works terrific. There is one light source you should concern yourself with: The Sun. It best to have the sunlight pouring through a window, and then having part of that room still as dark as you can, so the rainbow can be most evident. If you use a mirror under the prism to reflect rainbow onto wall and ceiling, and set at an angle to get rainbow that is very intense.