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At Michaela, teachers think another way, overturning many of the ideas that have change into orthodoxy in English schools. In this book, over 20 Michaela teachers explore controversial ideas that support the lives of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. Michaela is blazing a trail in education, defying many of the received notions about what works best in schools.;Michaela teachers, from founders to classroom teachers to senior leaders, lead readers through different aspects of what makes Michaela unique., The school gets hundreds of visitors a year. Such a lot of ask: what’s the name of the game? But the reality is that it isn’t only one thing that makes Michaela work.;This book raises challenging questions for teachers and school leaders about how they see education. How are we able to help new Year 7 pupils get their bearings in secondary school quickly? How do we teach pupils to take into account that somewhat than put out of your mind what they’ve learned? How do didactic teaching, drill and memorisation boost motivation and academic achievement? How do we get pupils to be considerate, kind and caring to each other? How do we make lunchtime a calm, happy time on a daily basis?How do we ensure new teachers are just as respected as veteran teachers?How are we able to ensure the weakest readers do the most reading somewhat than the least? How are we able to make sure all teachers love teaching in our schools, and want to stay in teaching? How are we able to prevent teachers from overworking and burning out? What do we do about parents that push back against the school’s rules? These questions cut to the core of how we educate and how we see the world.