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Animal farm 00Leerob
CCEA Unit 1 Paper 1 Section B 40mferguson060
CCEA Unit 1 Paper 1 20mferguson060
AQA A03 Context LOTF 100MissGray1
AQA A03 Context Macbeth 170MissGray1
Power and Conflict AO3 180MissGray1
AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 KO 383CCreber
Call of the Wild 50Irisgoran
Treasure Island 60Irisgoran
KS3 Poetry Organiser 341oliviae
Jekyll and Hyde 401Acporter
Macbeth 8310Acporter
Fiction Reading Y10.pptx 170Sara
Foundation Revision Guide 2015.pdf 40Sara
Gothic KS3.pptx 213Sara
Grammar.docx 312Sara
GrammarKS3.pdf 574Sara
GrammarKS4.pdf 351Sara
Great Expectations.pdf 101Sara
Great Gatsby.docx 90Sara
Introduction to Poetry.pdf 160Sara
Jane Eyre.docx 100Sara
Jekyll & Hyde.pptx 111Sara
Jekyll and Hyde (2).pptx 210Sara
Jekyll and Hyde (3).pptx 130Sara
Jekyll and Hyde(3).pptx 140Sara
Kamikaze 2.docx 100Sara
Kamikaze.docx 50Sara
King Lear.docx 50Sara
Knowledge organiser Macbeth MLY.pptx 272Sara
LOTF.pdf 101Sara
Language Paper 1.pdf 420Sara
Language Paper 2.pdf 311Sara
London.docx 50Sara
Lord of the Flies by @Pask_LucyJ .docx 100Sara
Lord of the Flies.pdf 190Sara
Macbeth (2).docx 81Sara
Macbeth (2).pptx 90Sara
Macbeth 3.docx 60Sara
Macbeth Context + Act 1.pptx 40Sara
Macbeth Recap.pptx 70Sara
Macbeth Revision Booklet.pdf 130Sara
Macbeth grades 8-9.pptx 170Sara
Macbeth(3) .pptx 110Sara
Macbeth.docx 70Sara
Macbeth.pdf 151Sara
Macbeth.pptx 142Sara
Merchant of Venice.pdf 120Sara
Modernism.docx 60Sara
Much Ado About Nothing.docx 110Sara
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