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If you want to sell surplus text books go the the Surplus Text Book Section
If you want to request text books, go to the Required Text Books Section

Do you have a class set of books to swap? See what others are swapping.

Here's What You Need to Do

1)Click the NEW TOPIC button in this section, and for the subject add the name of the book that you have, and what you want to swap it for.

e.g Subject: Swap Frankenstein for A Christmas Carol

2)In the body of the topic give a few details of the condition of the books and the numbers available and precisely what you want in exchange.

3)When someone responds you can discuss the deal.

4)If you want to go into private discussion use a Private Message within Knowledge Organisers. Here you can discuss contact details and postage or collection arrangements, without anyone else seeing your details.

5) When you have concluded a deal, please finish the thread by saying, deal done, so that no-one else replies to a finished deal.

Got any questions?
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