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Author Topic: Why I love…Embedding Knowledge Organisers into learning - susansenglish  (Read 554 times)

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We have been working on the process of ‘embedding learning over time’ as a department wide strategy for ensuring students are learning the knowledge required for the exams, whilst allowing the working memory to be freed up to focus on the task at hand. The idea is if they have learnt a certain amount of knowledge and have this embedded in their long term memory then this will allow the working memory to be free of cognitive overload, meaning that students are holding too much in their working memory and not fully being able to engage in the task in front of them. @DaveG5478 blogged about the department strategy here: on embedding learning over time and hopefully this detailed look at knowledge organisers will complement this blog.

Therefore, as part of this strategy, we have introduced into all year groups Knowledge Organisers, which is all well and good in itself, however I’m/we’re not interested in just introducing a piece of paper to all teachers and seeing this as a panacea for good results. In order for the knowledge organisers to work, they have to be a useful and workable tool that complements the teaching that already exists in the department. Therefore, when deciding the core components of the Knowledge Organisers, we gathered as a faculty in gained time and looked at what we felt were core elements of knowledge that would benefit students to have automatically at their fingertips ready to apply. As you can see from the Romeo and Juliet example: Romeo & Juliet KO this has meant splitting the knowledge we want students to learn into sections.

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