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Author Topic: Knowledge organiser tasks to test your knowledge  (Read 1045 times)

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Knowledge organiser tasks to test your knowledge
« on: January 09, 2018, 10:54:51 AM »
Knowledge organiser tasks to test your knowledge (From Churchill Academy English)

These are just some suggestions of things you can do to ensure you are learning this information

Quiz with a friend using the KO

Set up mini quizzes – very quick and easy feedback on knowledge – quizlet etc. are good for this

Create your own questions from the knowledge on the KO

Write a letter to a parent to explain what you absolutely must know in relation to (whichever KO you are studying KO).

Create KO bookmarks using the different sections

Create a visual presentation or poster using the information on the KO

Write a speech to explain what is in the KO and why they are important

Writing tasks – E.g. Write an acronym poem to explore the skills in the KO, or write about a time when you knew less about ________(insert topic)  than you do now and wow me with your current knowledge, or write a diary entry as character explaining all the things other characters have said and done using the information on the KO

Reading task – create a red herring information about the KO and get students to identify the herrings

Create flashcards using the information

Write the information in your own words

Create an information leaflet using the KO

Discuss the knowledge with a friend or a parent

Use the multiple choice quizzes to help you

Draw a picture or symbol to remember the quote/terminology or information on the KO

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